A message from the owner, Jean-Luc Madeus:

“Helping others live happy" is not just our slogan, it is our PASSION! The best service given is the one that comes with compassion. We think the most satisfying experience isn't when one sells their home, but when one sells their home and has a smile when they do!

When my mother was deported in 2008 and my father was left to take care of the six of us on his own, he found he was falling into a financial hole while trying to keep us afloat. Eventually, he filed for bankruptcy and I remember thinking to myself, ‘What could I do to help my family keep our house?’ I was just getting into college without a penny to my name and living in Orlando, FL when my father lost our home to foreclosure. Today, as a real estate professional, I now have the knowledge and the resources I needed at that time to help save my family's home. I can't go back in time to change what happened, but I can help shape the future for other homeowners who are in need of help with selling their home.

Selling a home is one of the biggest decisions you ever have to make in your life; from showing your house multiple times to finding a buyer. Add making repairs and handling the closing process, and selling your home can be very difficult—not to mention having to keep up with your day-to-day obligations of work and family. It’s already tough to find the right person to buy your house or represent you, let alone finding someone you can trust to get your home sold with your best interest in mind. At L&L Legendary Properties, we take pride in providing you solutions that help you sell your home in the best way that suits you. We handle the entire process for you and let you sit back and relax, making the sales process stress free! — Jean-Luc Madeus

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